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Educational Psychologist
Bsc (Wits) Hons Psych MEd (Ed Psych)(Cum Laude) (TUKS)

I am an educational psychologist specializing in children, adolescents, adults and families. I aim to engage with individuals and families with empathy, support and respect. My practice is built on the foundation that each individual has a resilient spirit within them and through the therapeutic journey, we are able to work together in reaching the therapeutic goals decided together by each client and myself.

My Approach

I use an eclectic approach to therapy that includes: psycho-dynamic psychotherapy, cognitive behavioural therapy/dialectical behavioural therapy and systems theory. The therapeutic approach used, is agreed upon between myself and the client.

About Me 

My therapeutic work is based on working with each client on their development, positive growth and connecting to their potential. Mark Savickas (2011b) stated that one must ‘actively master what you have passively suffered’. This principle of turning one’s pain and passive acceptance into active mastery of a situation is an invaluable concept that I try emulate within my practice.

I studied my Bachelor of Science and Honours in Psychology at the University of the Witwatersrand where after I completed my Masters degree in Educational Psychology at the University of Pretoria with distinction. I am a member of the Golden Key Association and have had many years of experience with working with at-risk adolescents and children in Non-Profit Organisations as well as teaching at the intermediate phase level. Currently, I volunteer with a Non-Profit Organisation where I provide trauma containment.

My masters research study focused on ‘Parents’ perceptions of family resilience in a low socio-economic environment’. Working with families from a systemic perspective is so important, specifically in utilizing the assets that the family has within themselves, their home environment and their broader community.


My interests include: anxiety, depression, self-esteem, grief and loss, trauma, self-harm, bullying, adjustment, separation and divorce, emotional regulation, career counseling and study skills.


Contact Me


Call: 078 310 3109 

HPCSA Reg No: PS 0141720

Practice no: PR 0781509 

5 Willow Brook Street 

Birnam (Next to Melrose Arch)



Building is called MediResponse 

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